Today, I experienced my first online EdCamp Unconference hosted by @Sarahdateechur. We used a FREE online platform Unhangout. I took two hours from my Saturday morning to meet new teachers and discuss two different topics during the session breakouts.

The first session I chose (and members of the Unconference propose the topics) was Supporting Elementary Teachers with EdTech. During this first session, we all took a while to warm up to the idea, and we all just sat online staring at each other and waiting for someone to begin. Once the conversation began, though, we couldn’t stop! Sarah had to come in and tell us repeatedly that the session time was ending and that we needed to take a quick break before the next session. Go figure – a bunch of teachers who want to keep talking!

The second session covered the topic “How do we encourage connectedness?” I came in a little late to that session, but when I did we were having a chat session and a video session going at the same time. There were questions and suggestions and ideas and tools! As we were chatting, I took a few notes and was attempting some sketchnotes, but I really didn’t have time.

I did more participating than I thought I would. I tend to be one on Twitter who just follows and infrequently posts. I think I like talking more than tweeting which leads me to the best part of the Unconference – our use of Flipgrid. We added introductions and takeaways to the Flipgrid. Without any prompting, many of us shared our Twitter handles and email so that we could stay connected.

A huge THANK YOU to Sarah Thomas for hosting this event.

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